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Seduction and erotism are significant elements of the Avery's universe, which are not limited to the presence of its sumptuous girls.

Always emphasized by the same extraordinary musical tune, we can see a disguised George trying to seduce the chick of Henpecked Hoboes, or the pastoral wolf of Little Rural Riding Hood running after a Red Hood with the physique rather distant from a vamp one.

However, the girls represent a digest of erotism which gives them a special place in the world of the texan. Contrary to the others characters, they are the only ones to have a human form treated with realism (and which forms!).

Their arrival in this world of elegant or brutal wolves and drowsy dogs is a powerful detonator. It justifies the covetousness, then the competition opposing the heroes, entailing all the comic effects found by Avery and his team. Starting, of course, with the transformations affecting the character when it discovers the girl.

The Avery's sexual conception is rather primitive (in anthropological acceptation of the term). Heroin is always victim of an abduction, therefore of one violence to the measurement of the libidinous outburst that her appearance causes. Moreover, the poor one do not get off always very well from those situations. Since after having escaped with the tempting wolf, Cinderella finds herself surrounded by wolves in her everyday life. And it is not certain that Droopy, in Wild and Wolfy, has a sexual behaviour really different than the wolf, after having delivered the girl singer of country.

Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s The prototype of the averyan girl, since its first appearance in Red Hot Riding, is a devastating redhead with blue eyes, advantageous forms and suggestive swaying walks.Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s It is interesting to note that the sumptuous Jessica Rabbit has been build on the same cast, the breast adapted to the silicone sizes of our time. Excepted the case of Minnie Hot-Cha in Big Heel-Whata, where the pulpy Indian could have only black hair, this prototype will not vary, except gaining in erotism by the grace of Preston Blair's talent, single and savage responsible for its animation.

" He was very pngted for the anatomies and the dances. He did not let anybody occupy itself some (...) He was good for the dance! He could stir up the bottom with difficulty. An enormous guy, imposing! But, God, he could make them exquisite ", said of him Avery (reported in the excellent book of Patrick Brion).

The girl appears for the first time in the cartoon Red Hot Ridding Hood and has already the majority of its erotic attributes. However she seems slightly plump and is just lacking a little peps. The dance during which she strips her red capeline while singing " Daddy " appears so dared that it has been censured at the beginning. For her second performance, in marvellous Shooting of Dan McGoo, Red Hot become a slender Lady Lou. Her swaying walks becoming of an intensity which is still transcended in Swing Shift Cinderella. 4 years later, Preston Blair having left the M.G.M.'s, this famous scene will be taken again in integrality for the needs of Little Rural Riding Hood.

Consequently, the successful performance of the country singer in Wild and Wolfy seems wiser, as soon as the Little Eva's one in Uncle Tom's Cabana, where the girl was never so beautiful (picture in La Bote Cells).

The leaving of Preston Blair from the Avery's team marks the end of the girls. In later films Tex remains faithful to this type of redhead, like the bather of TV of Tomorrow or the scorning prisoner of The First Bad Man. But for a long time the insane sex, like other things besides, have deserted his imaginary.

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