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The couple George and Junior will be used only four times by Tex Avery, but those heroes are really famous. Two characters as opposite as their outline: George is a little bear? dog? very directing and having apparently some intellectual resources ; Junior is a large slow bear? dog?, extremely dumb, to whom Tex Avery lends his voice. Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

Our two heroes appear for the first time in the cartoon Henpecked Hoboes in 1946. Famished tramps, they try to catch a pretty hen after having gotten rid of the cock which takes care on the farmyard.

The cartoons with George and Junior are built on the same comic effect. The silly stupidity of Junior ruins all their attempts and obliges George, who never despairs to insert a little comprehension in the brain of the great dumb, to flank each time a masterly kick in the bottom of its companion.
Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s
Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

On this very simple system, Tex Avery and his band have finicked an incredible number of comic situations and gags which make our two heroes (bear? dogs?) unforgettable. Remember Junior, disguised in an enormous chick to cause the maternal love of the hen, twisting the neck of George while howling "Don't touch my mom" then accepting stoically its kick in the buttocks!.. Or the George's dressings-up for attract the sexual favours of its possible victims!

In the last appearance of the couple, Half-Pint Pigmy (1948), Avery has settled: George and Junior are bears but that did not give any intelligence to our dear Junior. Despaired by the new failure of their mission (to capture the smallest Pygmy of the world!), George and Junior, following the example of Squirrel, die on the screen by shooting themselves a ball in their head.

Finally they were perhaps dogs? 3 months later, the cartoon Lucky Ducky shows a couple of dogs hunters, a large stupid one and a small directing...

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