The Scapegoat (Johns Hopkins Univ Pr, 1986)
By studying historical texts describing persecutions against particular communities, René Girard shows the slow work of decomposition of the human ignorance about scapegoating, according to him to the evangelic revelation. The first chapters are extremely polemical work, where Girard answers to criticisms appeared after the publication of VS and especially of DCC. In this way, The Scapegoat which was for many the entrance point in the work of Rene Girard, appears to me as a book able to make pass the reader beside the main. This explains, perhaps, the orientation of the interests and current debates towards the only evangelic problems, to the detriment of theoretical work accomplished in MRVR and VS. This book is called BE in the pages of this site.

Job : the victim of his people (Hardcover, 1987)
Rene Girard do the deconstruction of the history of Job, such as it was brought back to us by the Bible. His new reading allows to put in light the traditional components of the sacrificial crisis and the scapegoating. The history of Job is exemplary because this one, scapegoat in a situation rather similar to that of Oedipe does not accept the arguments of his persecutors, thus breaking the unanimity of the violence necessary to the effeciency of the scapegoating. By the "revaluation" of this figura Christi, misunderstood from the beginning by researchers who are manholded once again by our author, René Girard reaffirms the specificity of the Judeo-Christian message in this new emergence of a nonviolent Logos, that of the God of the victims. This book is called RAHP in the pages of this site.

A theater of envy : William Shakespeare (Oxford University Press, 1991)
In the case of Shakespeare, as notes it Rene Girard from the first pages of this work, let us satisfy with following the poet. This one placed the explicitly mimetic desire in the heart of The two gentlemen of Verona and The Ravyshement of Lucrece, which open this incredible reading. In the continuation of his work, Shakespeare would have preferred to dissimulate his knowledge of the mediatized desire, placing it at another degree of reading of his plays. René Girard invites us to this reading, taking up with his great literary analyses. It is a book... of a rare elegance.

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